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Long time no crust! We’ve been hard at work giving the site a refresh and adding a handful of features, including help updates, locations, and a bunch of interface and experience updates, and there is plenty more on the way.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve been cooking and eating!


The help section now has, ahem, help. So if you’re struggling to get started with Bites or Recipes, head over there to get some help.

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After much deliberation, we have decided to add Locations as an option for Bites. This means, on top of homemade cooking, you can share all the slices and pies you eat at local restaurants, and we’re launching with 25 popular locations in Austin, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, OR, and Detroit. There are thousands of other places, and we’ll be adding them slowly. Use our location request form to add your favorite local spot!

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Do you have a favorite recipe you use to make your homemade pizza? Go ahead and add it to our growing collection!

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