Welcome to Pizza Parteee! Our goal is to become a fun and helpful community for at-home pizza cooks — a positive place to learn, share and grow your skills. You can tracks pizzas, add and browse recipes, and see what others are cooking. Tracked pizzas are called Bites. You can add photos, recipes, pizza specs, and notes on your Bite, then browse other Bites to leave comments and love. Stoked to have you here; thanks for stopping by.

Your pal in pizza,

Derek S. Moore

A Brief History

In 2012, I connected with Patrick Burnell, Kyle Fletcher, and Noah Bernsohn to make a website about pizza. The original idea focused much more on locations and restaurants, but the core love was there.

Derek (me), Patrick, Kyle, Noah | Kimball Arts Center | Chicago, IL 2012

We met for the next four years eating pizza all around the city of Chicago and hanging out in my studio space. Over that time forming lifelong friendships. It was the true meaning of pizza: community. A lot can happen in four years, many life events unfolded, and a few of us moved to different cities. Our bonds held, but Pizza Parteee ended up taking a long nap.

Fast-forward to 2020, where I found myself making a lot of pizzas at home. I really enjoyed the whole process, as well as sharing my pizzas with friends. The whole process re-ignited my passion for Pizza Parteee and brought a new vision to the project, including this here website.

The Mission

Founded with the mindset of inclusivity, Pizza Parteee is a cooking community of growth and kindness. Our goal is not for you to post a zillion bites and pour over this website for hours. Rather, our goal is to get you all fired up about making pizza that you share with friends and family. We also realize that while lots of people love pizza, not everyone loves to make it, and we have plans to help get those folks involved. But for now, they can join and cheer on their favorite home chefs.

Guess what? Pizza is not the only thing we’re passionate about! We’re also big proponents of privacy. Most major social networks could give a shit about their members, and they load up their sites with lots of trackers. You won’t find any of those here, though. We also won’t have traditional ads with all of their sneaky trackers. Consensual probing only, please!

The future of Pizza Parteee holds a lot. We really want to make an impact on local non-profits that empower less fortunate community members and partner with local pizza shops to do so. On that note, if you want to talk more about these plans, send us a message down below.